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SR010 Wifi Repeater Dealer|1200Mbps 5G Dual-frequency Amplifier|US Plug

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SR010 Wifi Repeater Dealer|1200Mbps 5G Dual-frequency Amplifier|US Plug

Product model: AC-1200U repeater

Product color: white

Product material: ABS+PC material

Transmission rate: 1200Mbps

Product chip: RTL8812BRH/RTL8197FN

Receiving distance: within 300 meters (depending on the environment)

Bare metal weight: 104.6G

Full set weight: 204.4G

Packing quantity: 40 pcs/carton

Packing weight: 9.45KG/carton

Product protocol: IEEE802.11AC, and simultaneously IEEE802.11B/G/N

Packing list: 1×two L-port dual-frequency repeater 1×English manual (no Chinese manual)

Product features: AP function, WiFi signal enhancement, WiFi signal amplification, WiFi signal extension, wireless to wired, wired to wireless.

The main application direction of the product: Extend the existing Wi-Fi, extend the upper-level router WiFi signal to improve the strength and coverage

·Product features: equipped with four external antennas, support 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual-band WiFi, WiFi speed can reach 1200Mbps, (the combined rate of the two) expand and strengthen your wireless signal, eliminate dead zones, let you enjoy everything at home Local wireless network.

The Ethernet port (10/100Mbps) allows the extender to be used as a wireless adapter to connect to wired devices. You can directly connect to devices such as Xbox, PC or Mac. It can maintain multiple simultaneous high-definition streaming media, online games and other content consumption , Without delay, double L network port relay can support two network cables successfully, wired Internet

·WPS one-key relay function, simply press the repeater WPS (the upper-level router WPS also needs to be pressed) button to easily realize the wireless encryption setting (the WiFi password is the WiFi password that has been set by the upper-level router)

·AP WiFi transmitter: After the repeater is powered on, the WiFi name is displayed, and the network port is plugged into the network cable to connect the phone to the WiFi name emitted by the repeater to connect to the Internet

·Plug and play, easy to install and use, small size design makes it easy to deploy and move flexibly, and does not take up your space at all, allows you to manage network settings, and can be accessed from computers and mobile phones that can receive WiFi from Android or iOS devices Background page settings.

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