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SR008 Wifi Repeater Seller|New 300M Wifi Extension WR22|UK Plug

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SR008 Wifi Repeater Seller|New 300M Wifi Extension WR22|UK Plug

Code: SR008

Two working modes of the repeater:

Relay mode: wireless to wireless: After receiving the wireless signal of the original wireless router, the repeater re-transmits the new wireless signal, so as to achieve the effect of amplifying and extending the coverage. Compatible with all wireless routers (need to know the user name and password of the wireless signal), the setting is very simple. The product comes with instructions. Mobile phones, computers, tablets can be set, only need to set up once all wireless devices can be used.

AP mode: Wired to wireless: When the network cable is connected to the computer, you can directly access the Internet without dialing, such as hotels, apartments, rental houses, offices, sharing broadband with neighbors, etc., just plug the network cable that has been connected to the repeater The network port can convert wired to wireless use. No need to set up plug and play.



1. Two working modes: relay and AP, mobile phone/tablet/computer can be set, only need to set once, wireless device can be used;

2. Wireless standard IEEE802.11 b/g/n

3. Transmission frequency: 2.4GHz~2.4835GHz

4. Support WPA2, WPA and WEP9 (128/64)

5. Simple setting wizard software interface

6. WPS one-key encryption, effective anti rubbing network

Packaging accessories:

WIFI wireless repeater x1

English manual x 1

RJ45 network cable x 1

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