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SR007 300M WIFI Repeater Dual Band Strong Wall Penetration

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SR007 300M WIFI Repeater Dual Band Strong Wall Penetration

Code: SR007

Product Description:

Powerful expansion, high-speed WIFI enjoy worry-free

300M single network port wireless WIFI repeater


The area of the home is too large, and the wireless will be weaker if the distance is farther? Multi-sided walls block, the signal is always intermittent? There are always signal blind spots, and Internet entertainment and surfing can’t do whatever you want?

With the existing wireless router at home, it can expand the wireless signal at high speed. Balconies, kitchens, bathrooms and other places where routers can't reach, have full signals from now on!

Comply with IEEE802.11n and IEEE802.11g/b standards, wireless transmission rate up to 300Mbps, plug-in design, support one-key connection (wps), support WPA/WPA-PSK, WPA2/WPA2-PSK security mechanism.

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