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SR006 Support 5G 2.4G Dual Band 1200Mps 4 External Antennas Strong Wall Penetration

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SR006 Support 5G 2.4G Dual Band 1200Mps 4 External Antennas Strong Wall Penetration

Code: SR006

Support 5G, 2.4G dual-band four-antenna powerful WIFI through-wall wireless repeater


The area of ​​the home is too large, and the wireless will be weaker if the distance is farther? Multi-sided walls block, the signal is always intermittent? There are always signal blind spots, and you can’t do whatever you want while surfing the Internet.

With the existing wireless router at home, it can expand the wireless signal at high speed. Balconies, kitchens, bathrooms and other places where routers can't reach, have full signals from now on!

 product description    

Powerful expansion, high-speed Wi-Fi to enjoy worry-free

The dual-band extender is used with dual-band routers to give full play to the high performance of the two frequency bands and exhaust the broadband potential

Extend the dual-frequency signal, let the 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals open around, covering every corner of the home!

Use recipes in the kitchen, Weibo on the loft, and web pages on the balcony. Only with a wide coverage can you have a high-quality experience!

External dual antennas, built-in dual antennas, stronger signal, longer coverage

Strong hardware configuration, exert stronger wireless performance. Four high-gain external antennas, scientific antenna layout,

Improve the isolation between antennas, reduce interference, stronger signals and wider coverage.

Quick and user-friendly settings. Convenient and quick design in both Chinese and English. The files are simple and easy to understand, and the application and even the steps are simple and easy to follow. Everyone can quickly start.

Product selling point

1) Up to 1200Mbps transmission rate

2) With four external antennas, the relay signal is more stable

3) RJ45 network port supports wired access

4) WPS one-key encryption button

5) Two working modes of relay/AP

6) Lightweight design, save shipping cost, Amazon hot style

7) Simple and friendly operation interface, eliminating tedious configuration

Relay mode: Sometimes a device may be in the living room, but because of poor signal, the signal in the bedroom may only have one bar, which requires further expansion of the wireless network. At this time, you can consider using another wireless router to expand the network through the relay mode. The name of the "amplified" wireless signal is the same as that of the original wireless router signal, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., without manual switching, completely dependent on The network covers itself.

Feature: You need to connect to another WiFi signal when setting up the relay, and keep the WiFi name setting exactly the same.

Applicable scenarios: expand the network and realize signal "roaming" within a certain range

AP mode: AP mode is quite special. Generally, AP hotspot devices have this function. At the same time, AP devices do not have bridging and routing modes, but support relay functions. The difference between relay and AP hotspot is also very simple. The relay mode is actually to extend a wireless network 1:1, and does not require a cable connection, and both routers and AP devices support this mode; AP mode uses network cables to It expands the WiFi signal, but it is not responsible for managing the network. It is equivalent to a switch with wireless function, which converts the wired signal to wireless. Other functions need to be implemented by the router (IP allocation, network management, etc.).

Features: Converted to wireless network through network cable, without management and routing functions.

Applicable scenarios: Cover signal blind spots, the function is similar to relay, but the AP device does not need to be configured, plug and play.

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